In this article we will look at the key differences between the three titles

Psychotherapy Therapy Mental Psychology Psychologist
Both therapists, counselors and psychologists work with mental health. But in different ways.

The difference between therapist, psychiatrist and psychologist

Often the titles are used interchangeably, but there is a difference

  • A therapist (this article) is a broad term used for someone who employs psycho-therapy or other therapy methods in their work. They can be both licensed (graduate degrees) and self-taught. Licensed therapists typically have a masters degree. It is also a very broad term used for many types of professions.
  • A psychologist (see how to become a psychologist) is a slightly more clinical, scientific and academical profession, and requires a masters or doctorate degrees for the use of the title. They are also employed in agencies and marketing companies.
  • A psychiatrist requires training as a medical doctor first and typically work in private practices, clinics or hospitals. One key difference is that they can assign drug treatments.

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