Many have the dream of becoming an astronaut. But what does an astronaut actually do?

In this article we will look at what an astronaut actually does as part of their job function.

The workplace of an astronaut is space. The most famous astronauts make it – quite literally – to the moon.

What does an astronaut actually do?

An astronaut, also referred to as a spaceman/spacewoman, cosmonaut, space traveler or -pilot, performs these duties as part of their job function:

  • Prepare for space travels as part of the expedition team
  • Perform on-ground studies and research work
  • Perform test flights of space travel vehicles and test jets
  • Some will be assigned to a technical role at the Houston Johnson Space Center
  • Support current missions
  • Advise NASA engineers on how to develop future spacecraft
  • Maneuvre and steer the space shuttle on active missions
  • Live and work on the space shuttle for some days on space expeditions, performing routines and scientific experiments

Places of employment: An astronaut is employed with a national space agency.

Some of the government space agencies that employ astronauts.

Salary: The average salary for an astronaut varies from 60.000-140.000$ depending on experience.

How to become an astronaut

See How to become an astronaut.

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