If you find human psychology interesting, the career as a psychologist might actually be something for you. But what does a psychologist actually do?

In this article, we will explore the actual work contents of a day as a psychologist.

Psychotherapy Therapy Mental Psychology Psychologist
A psychologist diagnoses and treats people with psychological issues and mental illness, and performs therapy and develops treatment plans. They work in hospitals, clinics and private practices.

What does a psychologist do?

A psychologist performs the following activities as part of their job

  • Listens to a mental health patient in private sessions
  • Communicates with the patient to reach and understand the core of the issue
  • Analyzes the mental and emotional thought life of the mental health patient
  • Employs different ways of methods of psychotherapy and talk therapy
  • Gives advice and tools for the patient to employ
  • Prepares a plan for the healing of the patient
  • Follows up on the healing plan with tools and methods such as therapy and medication

A psychologist can also work in a private practive, as a consultant, be in research or education, or work in a private company to analyze and evaluate communication and marketing initiatives.

How to become a psychologist

For more information, see how to become a psychologist.

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