If you want to work with numbers and money – lots of money – and are ready for a demanding job; then the job as a stockbroker may be for you. Being a stockbroker is both responsible, exciting and highly paid – and only the best heads can handle it.

Here you can read more about how to become – and what the job really entails.

What does a stockbroker do?

A stockbroker works with securities trading. Here is a picture of Shia Laboeuf in the movie Wall Street 2 (2010)
A stockbroker works with securities trading. Here is a picture of Shia Laboeuf in the movie “Wall Street 2” (2010)

The job as a stockbroker means you

Invest clients’ money in various stocks and other securities
Coordinate and plan larger collections of investments, also called portfolios
Perform the practical and formal tasks related to the purchase and sale of securities
Communicate with others in the market, such as accountants and banks
Seek new clients with investable assets
Typically, you work in a bank or investment association and trade in securities. You can also be directly employed by the stock exchange function – or it is possible that you are in an analytical function where you monitor and advise the market.

How to become a stockbroker?

Being educated as a stockbroker is not, as such, a protected title where a particular education is required. Still, it is normal to come to the job as a stockbroker on one of three roads

For all degree programs, you must have a high school background, with high level English and math
Option 1: You take a counseling program in a bank or other financial institution, which consists of a 2-year financial education, then an academic degree in 3 years of financial counseling, and then an HD 2nd part in Financial counseling which takes 2 years . A total of about 7 years.
Option 2: With a bachelor’s degree in Economics, you take the same above-mentioned academic education and HD part 2 – a total of 8 years.
Option 3: Master’s degree in Economics such as Cand. Oecon or Cand. Merc. After that, you will be employed at a financial institution, and may supplement with an HD part 2. A total of about 8 years.
In other words, it is a very demanding process to get so far that you can call yourself a stockbroker, typically about 8 years of education
Education is demanding and only the best heads come through.