Do you have a good sense of justice? Do you know the law, and would you like the great responsibility to make judgments and make the Danish legal system work? Then the job as a judge is probably something for you. Here you can read more about how to become a judge and what it really means.

The function of the judge is to decide in a case after being presented with the case by both the defender and the prosecutor.

What is the job of a judge

A judge’s job is to

Thoroughly evaluate, investigate and analyze cases
Have a thorough knowledge of legislation and regulations in a wide range of areas
Decides (“convicts”) in civil or criminal cases based on defense and prosecutor’s submission
Has great responsibility for community decisions and attitudes
Is an official employed by the courts and thus part of the “judicial” power of democracy
The judge works at either the district court, the national court, the Supreme Court or the Maritime and Commercial Court
These courts belong to the Court of Justice, which is part of the Ministry of Justice
There are around 350 judges in Denmark

This is how you become a judge

Being a judge is a title you get when you are employed in this function by one of the Danish courts. Thus, it is not a title that one obtains automatically by taking a particular study, although it does require it. You become a judge by first becoming a trained lawyer and then being employed by the Danish courts.

You have to have a high school education and then
Be a trained lawyer from a law degree at a Danish university, which takes 5-6 years. The study is quite intellectually demanding. When you’re done, you can call yourself a “lawyer” or a “law graduate”.
After that, you need to gain some years of legal professional experience to be considered a judge. It is very typical that you work as a lawyer (see also How do I become a lawyer?), Or as an associate professor or clerk at a ministry.
Some judges have worked as a magistrate before, which is an educational course in a district court where you learn how to handle cases
To be considered, you must work as a national judge, which is both a 9 month education and at the same time an evaluation of yourself at the Vestre Landsret in Viborg or at the Østre Landsret in Copenhagen. It is through this function that you qualify for a judge position.
Thereafter, the Judges Appointment Board is appointed or “constituted” for appointment as a judge
You can only apply for a vacant job which, if you have previously been given a position (also called “constitution”) for a vacant judge position
In this way, you can say that it is a nomination for a judge, and it is not as such a job that you just seek
As a rule, a judge cannot be dismissed, therefore the right education, career path and qualification are important.