Would you like a job in the upper air strata? Do you have a dream of becoming a pilot and living off of it? Then it might be something for you to become a business pilot. In this article you can read about how to become a business pilot and what it really means.

Working as a business pilot means that you work in civil aviation. The cockpit is your workplace.

What is a Business Pilot?

A commercial pilot, also called a traffic pilot or a commercial pilot, is a person authorized to fly a larger aircraft and carry material or passengers.

Flying (piloting) a plane of a particular class
Controls the aircraft before and after flight with specialists and mechanics around the aircraft
Able to facilitate and land on various runways around the world
Work at an airline
Has been authorized to fly
The authorization applies to a particular class of aircraft
Flying in many kinds of weather. You do not get permission for the weather type, so all pilots must assess when it is wise and possible to fly.

How to become a business pilot

The civilian pilot, also called the commercial pilot or the commercial pilot is allowed to fly with freight and other passengers commercially

To become a business pilot you must be 18 years and a maximum of 25
You have to have a private flying license called PPL see how to become a private pilot?
The education can be taken at Danish private schools or abroad and is a full-time study. The actual pilot training program can be done in 2 years.
In both cases it is a good idea that you have talked to your bank, as it costs DKK 6-800,000 to take a commercial certificate
You can also work your way through a number of certificates here to be considered
It takes a total of about 4-5 years of theory, practical flight and tests before you can call yourself a business pilot and start applying for vacancies.
Different kinds of pilots
Generally, pilots are divided into three types

Private pilots are capable of flying ultra-light, smaller aircraft such as aircraft. a Cessna aircraft. It is a hobby and something that almost everyone can do
Traffic pilots or commercial pilots (it’s the same thing) have flight as a job. It may be they fly a passenger plane, cargo plane or otherwise have it as a job
Fighter pilots are trained in the military and fly a fighter or jet aircraft such as F-16 or F-35