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How to become a better singer

Would you like to sing better – or maybe even get really good at it? It is actually possible to learn it, and not just be born with a good voice.

Being good at singing will both mean that you sing cleanly (not falsely) and that you use your personality to make the music live.

What does it mean to be able to sing?

Singing well means the following:

You sing clean, not fake. That is, you hit the right notes that fit the music
Has strength. You can have singing power in different ways, but you should not just beep like a mouse, but be able to bring the sound forward and carry in the air.
Know your limitations in relation to the tones you can reach
Singing with personality, not just like someone else
Contribute something emotional to the music, and not just “sing by notes”
You can be a singer in many different styles. Singing well doesn’t mean you can sing in all of them.

How to learn to sing?

To learn how to sing well, there are a number of things that need to be in place. You have to find the motivation (feel like), have the right tools to sing, and then you have to practice.

Step 1: Find your motivation
You have to want to get good at singing. It is not enough that you will be famous or known by others. Do you want to sing it yourself? It also means that you must be prepared to face resistance. You will also find that you do not think things are going well. Are you willing to do that? You can easily sing for a long time and still not get better. It takes time.
Step 2: Equipment: A place to be, microphone, music
Do you have a place you can be? Where you can fool yourself, sing fake, and not get complaints from the neighbors or even find it embarrassing. But that doesn’t mean you need to have an audio studio. If you have a car you can start there. Or a room. You also need to be able to record yourself and you need some music and some notes to sing along to. But it doesn’t have to be in place from the start. Don’t let the equipment slow you down!
Step 3: Exercises
Practice singing. There are a number of exercises you can do. See below.
Step 4: Sing music
Sing right, not just exercises. Find a way you can sing, for example. by going to singing, singing to music, singing in a choir or the like.
Other options:
It is possible to attend singing courses, or attend a music school if you want to make a career out of it. See How do I become a musician?
Good exercises if you want to get better at singing
There are a number of different formats for singing exercises. They can be divided into the following

Physical Exercises: Focus on improving your physique as you sing. Posture, breathing, diaphragm, tongue, mouth, etc.
Technical Exercises: You can practice many different aspects of singing, e.g. holding tones, varying tones, stair exercises, strength exercises (singing high / low).
Mental Exercises: You must want to sing beautifully, and hit the tone right. A number of exercises focus on really achieving a good result. But the most simple exercise when singing is to think: I want to do it beautifully. It may be that you imagine singing to someone you look up to. If you sing hymns, it can for example. be that you want to please God.

Good tips for getting good at singing

Here are a few tips to help you become good at singing

Choose: Choose an exercise. There are many options, don’t let that slow you down. Don’t watch all of youtube videos online before you get started. Pick a few and get them done.
Don’t stop: Don’t stop because you don’t think it’s going well.
Work: You will find that you are getting better quickly. But remember, it takes your effort. There are many hours before you can make a difference.
Practice, practice, practice
Keep it straight: You need to keep singing, because you may lose it again. It’s like running. You can’t get good fitness and then keep running.
Record yourself: Make recordings where you sing songs or practice. They will be gold be later, and convince you that you have improved. Because sometimes you can’t even hear the difference.

How to become an actor

Many dream of becoming an actor – maybe even becoming a movie star known from movie theaters. Here you can read how to become an actor and what it really entails.

One of the world’s most popular actors is the Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He started out as a film actor in Danish films, e.g. in the Night Watch (1994). Here he is seen as the role of Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones (HBO).
One of the world’s most popular actors is the Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. He started out as a film actor in Danish films, but has now made a career in the United States. Here he is seen as the role of Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones (HBO).

What is an actor’s job?

An actor is working on that

act in a specific role it may be
roles in theater plays
roles in feature films
appear in commercials, informational videos or the like
be a soloist or entertainer in e.g. cabarets and revues
an actor always acts instead, ie. as a fictional person, or as a portrait of another living or deceased person. The word actor also comes from this, in that he or she “plays” a role that “looks” (looks) like someone else. In English, the word “actor”, of “act” = “pretend”.

How to become an actor?

Being an “actor” is not a protected title. You can in principle call yourself an actor if you work full time as an actor in a movie, theater or other video.

The paths to becoming an actor are many – everything from self-taught to state-trained actors.

Many actors are self-taught, or “self-taught,” and have been discovered by chance, or “cast” (selected at an event), and subsequently make a career. Examples of this are Danish actress Sofie Gråbøl.
In a casting / audition it is possible to show whether one is suitable for a particular role. In casting, both educated and uneducated actors try to show that they are the right person for the role.
It is possible to take many different courses in acting at a number of private schools
One can be trained as a “film actor” at private education such as the Danish Film Actor Academy. The program costs DKK 116,000 for one year of basic education
The Copenhagen Film and Theater School also educates actors.
The state education at the State Performing Arts School (formerly the State Theater Arts School) is the most recognized education as a film actor. To be admitted you must pass 3 tests. The basic education for an actor takes 3 years and can be taken at the Actors’ School in Aarhus, Odense or Copenhagen. An example of an actor with state education is Nicolaj Coster-Waldau.
Actors can easily have different backgrounds and play in the same movie. As an example, Sofie Gråbøl and Nicolaj Coster-Waldau have played together in the Night Watch (1994).
Although it is not a requirement that you have an actor training to go to casting, the chances of being admitted, advancing and making a career are greater if you have the education because you learn the work of an actor. It increases the chance of auditions, where there is also no doubt that they regard actors from state education as having a head start. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t do without!

5 tips for becoming an actor

Becoming an actor in an education, or getting to play in a movie after a casting is not a matter of luck. A number of factors have a big impact on your chances. Here are the top five.

Go to a lot of auditions. You don’t turn into an actor if you just try once, and don’t get busy, and let yourself be knocked out.
Know your character. Read up on the role you have to play and live in it. Live life – also the thought life – as much as you can as the person you need to play.
Get some experience. Take part in any type of spectacle you can get your hands on to build some experience. It can be school plays, local theaters, revues, puppet shows and more.
Work with your voice. Your voice is more important than your appearance. For example, you must work with both your voice and your accent
Network. Knowing the right people and being invited to the right events means a lot. If you don’t know anyone that matters, start networking with others online, or with people in the play environment.

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