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How to become an artist

 Would you like to work creatively, and do you want to work with a material and convey a message through it; then it might be something for you to become an artist. Here you can read how to become an artist and whether it is something you were born to or if it is something you can learn.

An artist works to create expressions in different materials, typically painting or sculptures. The picture here is a work by Annette Holst Mikkelsen.

What is an artist?

Being an artist means you

Works creatively
Creates works of art in different materials
Prepares original paintings, sculptures or installations
Communicates with other people about what art means
Selling his artworks through collaboration with exhibitions, galleries and the like.
Hard work. Only about 10% of artists in Denmark can make a living selling their art.
Gives something of yourself. An artist uses his interior to create something new. Do you have something to give?

How to become an artist?

Artist is not a protected title, and you can in principle call yourself an artist if you work full time in making art.

There are as many ways to become artists as there are different types of art. There is no set recipe to follow, and first and foremost there is no requirement to become an artist. Different artists have different stories to tell. Here are some of the typical ones.

There is no requirement to become an artist
No formal education is required to exhibit or sell art
Some artists have chosen to take a formal education from the Academy of Fine Arts, e.g. Aarhus Art Academy or the Royal Academy of Arts. The programs take 4 years and entitle to SU. There is no doubt that in some art circles it is considered a plus that one has this “stamp” on one’s artist identity. For others, it doesn’t mean that much.
In Denmark there are a number of art colleges that inspire and start many artists, eg. Holbæk College of Art
Some artists who are not formally trained take start-up courses or crafts. An example of this is Anne’s Atelier, which helps artists “get started”.
Some artists are just starting out on their own to create works of art and sell them.

How to become an architect

An architect can imagine new places, and has a creative ability to design; mixed with knowledge of construction and climate. If that sounds like something to you, then you can read how to become an architect and what it really means.

An architect plans and designs buildings and the spaces in and around them. This is done by understanding the requirements for the location, features and layout of the place.

What does an architect do?

An architect is working on that

Analyze tasks based on requirements for functions, location and layout
Work with sketches and models, eg
Draw buildings by hand or as 3D models
Negotiate with builders
Understand the work of the engineer and the contractor
Understand the legislation and law surrounding the project
Follow the construction process
Adminstrative work
Works either in a construction company, an independent design studio or in a public administration

How to become an architect?

Being an architect is not the same as an interior designer (see How do I become an interior designer?).

Architect’s education is a so-called professional education

You must have a high school education
You can read architecture in Copenhagen or Aarhus. The program takes 5 years, after which you can call yourself “cand. arch. “.
You can specialize in topics such as buildings lighting, space, art, landscape art, furniture, sustainability, urbanism and much more.
The education entitles the S.U.
If you join the Academic Architectural Association at the same time, you can add the quality mark. to your title, and is thus “Architect MAA.”
You can also take a Bachelor of Architecture and Design at Aalborg University, which takes 3 years. It does not give you the right to use the title “Architect”, but qualifies you in architecture and design and to work on after a master’s degree.

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