Most people put their own teeth in very high course. Want to help other people with the health of their teeth; then the job as a dental assistant may be for you. Here you can read how to become a dental assistant and what it really means.

What does a dental assistant do?

The dental clinic assistant supports the dentist’s work by preparing the patient, supporting the dentist’s work and performing administrative work.

A dental assistant works with

  • accept patients
  • prepare the patient for dental work
  • support the work of the dentist during the treatment, e.g. by providing and managing instruments, supporting the patient, preparing operations, etc.
  • cleaning and hygiene around treatments
  • perform less complicated parts of the patient’s treatment, such as dental cleaning
  • administrative work such as looking after the phone, printing bills and the like.

 How to become a dental assistant?

Being a dental assistant is a protected title. In order to use the title, one must have taken the proper education, which is a vocational education.

You must have a primary school diploma

The training as a dental clinic assistant is a vocational training that takes 3 and a half years. Already after about a year, you come out in internship in a dental clinic.

Education can be taken at business academies and technical schools in most of the country
Gives right to S.U.

The difference between a dental assistant, a dentist and a dentist
The various roles are all related to the care and treatment of human teeth health, but they perform different functions

The dental clinic assistant (this article) does the preparatory and supportive work for the dentist. The education is a vocational training of 3 and a half years that can be taken after primary school.
The dentist can work more independently, perform dental cleaning and less complicated procedures, can diagnose diseases and advise in oral hygiene, but cannot perform procedures such as e.g. cavities. The education is a professional bachelor’s, which takes 3 and a half years, which requires a high school base. It often works so that patients see the dentist most times, and only see the dentist every three or four times (see How do I become a dentist?)
The dentist: is the highest competence and most well-trained professional in the dental clinic, which both diagnoses and performs treatments. The program is a master’s program, which takes 5 years. (see How do I become a dentist?)
In addition, there are also more technical skills such as

The dental technician who makes dentures and performs technical dental procedures such as. creation after damage.