Would you like to work on cutting and shaving men in a traditional profession, and do you like working with people and talking to them every day; then the job of ‘barber’ may be for you. Here you can read how you become that – and what it really means.

A barber works with classic men’s haircut and knife shaving

What does a barber do

A barber works in a barbershop with that

Make haircuts for men
Work on styles of hair for men
Converse with customers every single day
Do traditional knife shaving
Traditionally, the industry is reserved for men, which is also the barber’s justification. Unlike the hairdresser, who often takes more part in actual hair care, hair coloring and hair treatment, the barber is exclusively concerned with the classic haircut and knife shaving. Emphasis is placed on classic virtues.

How to become a barber?

In recent years it has become very popular with barbershops in major cities in Denmark. This means that it is now a real profession. It is not a protected title, so everyone can basically call themselves a barber if they work with classic cutting and knife shaving. However, there are a number of ways shaving has become

Trained hairdressers who start a barbershop, or get hired in a barbershop
Learn in a barbershop without preconditions. Some barbershops in Denmark have their own training, which after a few years you can call yourself a barber by some kind of trial in the store. For example. one is at the Barbershop in Aarhus under training for 4 years before, according to the proprietor, can call himself “barber”. The training starts with participating in the practical, and you are then introduced and trained continuously in the art of cutting. The length of training may vary from store to store as there is no standard or any official diploma from a trade association.
Take the hairdressing education and then take the student period at a barber if the owner of a barbershop is a hairdresser. The owner then typically has training in the barbershop before giving his employees the title of “barber”.
Open a shop, cut others and call yourself a barber. Very few will succeed with this. Those who start a barber shop typically want a background in the hairdressing profession or are even trained barbers in a private shop.