Many have a desire to grow old and not die young. Maybe you can even reach the magic limit of 100 years. But how do you keep your body strong and alive for so long? Here you can read the best tips on how to live long.

Is there a secret to getting 100 years old?

How to become 100 years old?

Getting old in the first place means taking good care of your body. It may also be that you look after your brain, your psyche, and last but not least, that you are spiritually healthy. See How do I get healthy?

The Bible has a surprising promise. The only one of God’s 10 commandments that comes with a promise is the command to respect his parents.

You must honor your father and mother so that you can have a good and long life.

4th Commandment – Exodus 20:12

It’s a surprising promise. It says that we actually live longer if we honor our parents.

If you are a Christian, this commandment is probably the most important thing you can do to live long. God cares for those who care for their parents. But that’s not all you have to. You also have to look after your body and your psyche by doing some things yourself. Here are the most important 10 of them.

 10 good tips for living long

If you smoke, then quit smoking. See How do I become smoke-free?
Eat and drink healthy. Eat as green as you can, limit your calories and avoid all euphoric substances that destroy your body. This also applies to alcohol. Take vitamin pills.
Stay in shape. Make a plan for how to keep your body active by walking, running, or otherwise moving. A good tip is to walk 30 minutes every day.
Be a morning person: People who get up early live without exception anymore and those who sleep long. A people live longer than B people.
Avoid Medication: Whatever you fail, medicine is ultimately unhealthy for you. Take only medicines you are sure you cannot live without.
Be with other people. It is proven that social contact is healthy for you. If you have children or grandchildren, spend time with them.
Meaning of life: When you have something to stand up to, you live longer.
Find joy: People who are positive and look light and bright in life, live longer than the negative and the moody. It is proven. See How Do I Get Happy?
Express your feelings: When you feel something, find a valve for it. People who hold their feelings inside do not live as long as others.
Faith: People with a life of faith are demonstrably living longer than others. See How do I become a Christian?
As you can see, about half of the good advice is on how to treat your body. The others are social, psychological and spiritual factors.