If you have had a little too much to drink, you want to sober up fast. But can you actually do that – and is it possible to get sober quicker in any way? 

Here’s a guide to sobering up, and other tips on how to proceed from being drunk.

Maybe you’ve got a little too many of these puppies? Want to know how to get sober again for real? Here’s a quick guide.

How to sober up fast

Being drunk means that your blood contains alcohol. Your body is affected by the alcohol, and you behave and feel different. Here are the most important things you can do to become sober again:

  • Stop drinking : It’s pretty self evident, but it’s the first thing to do. Stop drinking more – don’t even finish your glass.
  • Try to throw up: If you have just been drinking, there is still alcohol in your stomach that has yet entered your bloodstream. By throwing up, you avoid the contents of the stomach reaching your blood. You can throw up by
    • Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with 2 teaspoons of salt
    • Stick a finger in your throat. 
  • Doing this does not get you less drunk, but it prevents you from becoming more drunk.
  • Wait it out: The most important thing you can do now is to wait. Your body will “burn” a certain amount of alcohol every hour. It is your liver that breaks down the alcohol. A rule of thumb is that is takes about 1 hour to break down 1 beer, but this number varies greatly depending on your body type.

These advices are the only ones that really work.

There are however other methods exist to help relieve the feeling of being drunk, but they do not sober you up faster, or remove alcohol from your blood. Here they are:

5 ways to feel sober, faster

As mentioned, there’s really nothing to do to sober up besides ensuring you don’t get more drunk and wait it out. But there’s a number of things you can do to make you feel sober a little faster.

Warning : Using these methods can be dangerous if you think you are capable to do more things, for instance drive a car, go to work or call your ex-girlfriend. These methods cannot help you – but you are still really as drunk as you were before you did it. So beware!

  1. Go for a walk: Get some fresh air . One of the best ways to feel less drunk is to move outside, instead of sitting in an enclosed room, maybe even in a smoky room.
  2. Vomiting : You will certainly feel better after you vomiting, because your body spends less energy digesting the alcohol in your stomach. It gives you energy, even though vomiting is initially extremely uncomfortable.
  3. Run a mile : If you go for a run, you will “shake” your body through and it’s always good thing to move around. But it can be difficult if you are very drunk.
  4. Drink caffeine: Drinking coffee or similar substances with caffeine can make you feel more sober because it gives you a rush of energy and awareness. Just remember – you’re still as drunk as you were before.
  5. Take a nap: Sleeping is great for simply giving your body a chance to get over it without any interference. You will wake up feeling refreshed. But again – it doesn’t mean you can drive your car now!

False myths about getting sober

The following methods do not work :

  • You don’t get sober by dancing on the dance floor
  • You don’t get sober by drinking strong coffee (as mentioned, it just gives you a rush of energy and awareness)
  • You don’t get sober by drinking water – water doesn’t “dilute” your blood
  • You don’t get sober by drinking apple juice – there’s nothing magical about apple juice
  • You don’t get sober by having tomato soup
  • You don’t get sober by eating – the alcohol is still in your blood!
  • You don’t get sober by running – you can’t “sweat it out”. It’s your liver that burns the alcohol
  • Cold showers don’t work either

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