Would you like to live and eat healthy? Are you prepared to live completely without products derived from animals or their exploitation? Then it might be time for you to call yourself vegan and get going. In this article you can read about what a vegan is and what the rules are for being vegan.

A vegan does not eat products derived from animals at all. This means that you mainly eat bread, fruit, vegetables and nuts.

What are the rules for a vegan?

A vegan, do not eat:

Does not eat meat from any kind of animals, ie. meat, poultry, fish, seafood
Also, do not eat by-products of animal slaughter
Does not eat products derived from the exploitation of animals such as eggs, dairy products, honey (from bees) and gelatine (in eg wine gums, cows and pigs)
This means that a vegetarian only eats:

Liver of fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds
Eat bread if it contains no eggs or milk products
A real vegan also does not use products derived from animals:

Don’t dress in fur and leather
Not for example with wool (derived from sheep)

How to become vegan?

Becoming a vegan is a decision you make permanently or for a period of your life.

Some people live like vegans all the time
Others do this for a period of time, possibly as part of a fast or a diet
It can be difficult to break old habits, and also to enter into social contexts where food is offered. Especially vegans have a hard time because they can’t get milk products, honey and eggs.
There are many options for preparing tasty and healthy food. There are a multitude of recipes available online so you don’t despair of avoiding meat and animal products.
Many vegans find themselves in a community where they can share their experiences and experiences with others. It can be online groups and other friendships
Many vegans are also politically involved, for example. exploitation of animals.
There are certain tendencies for vegans to become extreme in their lifestyle, and e.g. go against others eating meat.
Some vegetarians choose to call themselves a certain type of vegan, and adjust to their diet plan. You speak, for example. about being
Diet vegan (vegan with his diet, not with dress)
Lacto-vegan (allows to eat dairy products)
Ovo vegan (allows to eat eggs)
Fruits (Eat only fruits and vegetables, not nuts and bread)
What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian
A vegetarian can eat eggs, dairy products, honey and the like, and allow himself to go into wool, fur and leather.

A vegan completely avoids products derived from animal exploitation. You could say that it is the most “radical” diet and lifestyle.

Is it unhealthy to live like that?

When you are a vegetarian you do not eat meat. This means that you lack the protein that meat is rich in. There are also other nutrients, e.g. minerals that you no longer get. As a vegan, you do not get many of the healthy substances in animal products such as eggs and milk.

Many people experience having to take supplements or vitamins to maintain a good energy level and build muscle. Iron, vitamin D and B12 are the most necessary supplements. However, it is not the same as getting it from meat.

Being an athlete and living as a vegetarian and especially vegan can be difficult.

Looking at the many vegetarians and vegans and their personal stories in general, it’s hard to say that it’s unhealthy. However, some varieties of vegans can be said to be decidedly unhealthy, such as. frugtanere. If you live this way for an extended period of time, the body will not get what it needs.

You cannot say that it is better for the environment or that it “saves the world” that you eat in a certain way. There is no objective evidence that there is anyone in the way of eating animal products.

You have to do it by your own conviction.