Are you a good communicator? Are you also passionate about teaching others and want to pass on to the next generation of young people? Then you might have what it takes to become a teacher.

In this new article on howdoyoubecome, we will look at the exciting profession of being a teacher and how you can actually become one. We will also look at some of the typical questions, like:

  • What qualifications are needed become a teacher?
  • How do you become a teacher in Canada, America and the UK?
  • Can you become a teacher without a teaching degree?
  • How much does a teacher earn a year?
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As a teacher, you are responsible for educating the kids or young adults within a given subject.

What is the job of a teacher?

A teacher, also known as a school teacher or education professional, performs the following activities as part of their job:

  • Plan and prepare teaching material
  • Teach students about a given subject
  • A teacher is often specialized within a field such as math teacher, science teacher, history teacher, english teacher, gym teacher and many more. You can also teach social studies, art, music, drama or foreign languages.
  • Examine and correct assignments in oral and written tests
  • Create unity in the classroom and be a “leader of the pack”
  • Organize and participate in social events such as field trips
  • Network with other teachers and collaborate on teaching
  • Continuously develop your pedagogy and teaching methods
  • Hold parents-teacher conferences and communicate with parents in general

A teacher can work in a variety of context depending on the school in question. The career of teaching largely depends on where you want to teach. In America, a teacher makes around 55.000$ a year on average.

How to become a teacher

In order to become a teacher, you need to follow these steps.

  • First, you need to finish high school with a diploma
  • You must then earn a bachelor’s degree. A bachelors degree is required for most teaching positions.
  • You can then start applying for positions and develop experience in student teaching.
  • It is possible to get certified or licensed in certain instances
  • Becoming a teacher largely depending on the country. Learn more about becoming a teacher in UK (United Kingdom), Canada, America and Australia
  • You also have the possibility to continue with a higher education which gives you even more career options within teaching.

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