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Careers in mental health – a guide

Do you find human psychology interesting? Would you like to work in the area of mental health, people and wellness? Then this is the guide for you.

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Model Modelling Beauty Fashion

How to become beautiful & attractive – 7 natural ways

Looking beautiful is more than just a pretty face. It’s about taking care of yourself – inside and out. Learn the concrete, actual steps you can take today.

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travel flight attendant stewardess

How to become a flight attendant – requirements and steps

Would you like to travel all over the world? Are you good with people, and enjoy creating a trustful environment for others? Then you might have what it takes to become a flight attendant.

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court courtroom lawyer law

How to become a lawyer – UK, US & AU

Do you find the topic of law appealing? Would you like to help stop crime – or protect people? Then becoming a lawyer might be the right career for you. It is a respectable and demanding profession – and it also pays quite well.

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Careers in crime fighting – a guide

Do you dream of making a difference? Would you like to see criminals get caught and see justice fulfilled? Then a career in crime fighting might just be the thing for you.

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detective crime scene death

How to become a detective

Would you like to solve crimes? Do you have it in your heart to stop criminals and protect citizens? Then becoming a detective might just be the perfect job for you.

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police officer cop law

How to become a police officer

Do you have a heart to stop crime and protect the innocent? Would you like to make a difference in the world, and serve your community? Then becoming a police officer might be the right career for you.

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What is the difference between a therapist, a psychologist and a counselor?

In this article we will look at the key differences between the three titles

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How to become a therapist

Would you like to help people to improve their mental wellbeing? Are you interested in psychology, emotions and the human mind? Then becoming a therapist might be a great career for you.

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model modelling fashion catwalk

How to become a model

Many girls – and boys – have dreamed of becoming a professional model, and one day be a well-paid and famous personality seen on catwalks, in magazines and on TV.

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